'The Batman' Casts Paul Dano As The Riddler

Just one day after Jonah Hill exited negotiations for the role, The Batman has found its new Riddler. Paul Dano, best known for his work in movies like Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood, has taken on the role. And you know what? We can totally see his lanky frame filling the hell out of a green suit covered in question marks.

Warner Bros. announced the news in a brisk press release, stating that Dano will take on the role of "Edward Nashton," a slight variation on the comic book character, who is typically known as "Edward Nygma." While I'll miss that glorious pun, there's a chance director Matt Reeves wants to ground this character just a little bit. Or maybe there will be a scene in the movie where he changes his name in court. Who knows!

In any case, this is all very exciting. The Riddler is one of Batman's most famous foes, a criminal genius so obsessed with his clever thinking that he leaves behind clues just to baffle the police and the Dark Knight himself. Naturally, Batman is the World's Greatest Detective and ends up saving the day, but that doesn't stop this puzzle-loving maniac from doing it every single time. He was previously played with delightful camp by Frank Gorshin in the classic '60s television series and by Jim Carrey doing a Jim Carrey impression in Batman Forever.

I'm very curious how The Batman will present the Riddler, a character who can be a scheming goofball or a cold-blooded murderer, depending on which era of DC Comics you're reading. Dano, whose youthful face often allows an unsuspecting menace to sneak up on you, is inspired casting because it's easy to imagine him playing either version of the character. Dano's more recent credits include Okja, Swiss Army Man, and Escape at Dannemora, for which he received an Emmy nomination.

In addition to Dano, the cast of The Batman includes Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader himself, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon. The film is set for a June 25, 2021 release date.