'Dylan Dog' TV Series Coming From Producer James Wan

Italian horror comics series Dylan Dog is headed to the small screen in America thanks to producer James Wan. Wan's Atomic Monster will produce a Dylan Dog TV series, which will bring the Tiziano Sclavi-created character to life. In the comics, Dylan Dog is a paranormal investigator who takes on cases involving ghosts, vampires, and other creatures of the night. The cult horror film Cemetery Man was loosely inspired by the comics, and in 2011, Brandon Routh starred in the film adaptation Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, which I'm pretty sure no one remembers, not even the people involved with the movie.

Does James Wan ever sleep? It seems like every other day we learn of yet another new project involving the Aquaman filmmaker, and today is no different. Wan's Atomic Monster is set to produce a Dylan Dog TV series, based on the 33-year-old comic book series of the same name. There's no network (or streaming service) lined-up yet, nor are there writers. But Wan's involvement alone is enough to get most people excited.

"Dylan Dog is truly one of my favorite comic books ever," said Wan. "I was first introduced to the Nightmare Investigator back in high school by my European friends. And though I didn't understand the foreign text, I easily understood the story through the beautiful artwork, and its loving references to the horror genre. I'm excited to team with Sergio Bonelli Editore to bring this to life on screen."

Atomic Monster will produce the series with Bonelli Entertainment. "James Wan and Atomic Monster are masters of the horror genre and have a proven sensibility on how best to adapt comics to the screen," said Davide Bonelli. "We are so thrilled to have this dream team working on one of our most important characters."

Dylan Dog will be a 10-episode live-action series "chronicling the exploits of its titular British paranormal investigator, who takes on cases that usually involved monsters, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and zombies."

This won't be the first Dylan Dog adaptation. The 1994 dark horror comedy Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore, was based on a novel by Dylan Dog creator  Tiziano Sclavi. Then there was the 2011 box office bomb Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

Wan is currently shooting Malignant, his first horror film since he directed The Conjuring 2. His Atomic Monster is also producing The Conjuring 3, starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, which is set for release on September 11, 2020. Other productions include There's Someone Inside Your House for Netflix and Mortal Kombat.