Netflix's 'The Dragon Prince' Announces Season 3 Release Date [New York Comic-Con 2019]

On the final day of New York Comic Con, Netflix's The Dragon Prince panel saw an overstuffed room of fans. Creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and Senior Writer Neil Mukhopadhyay dished out the future for the animated CGI fantasy series. To the delight of fans, the panel announced that season three, comprising of nine episodes, will be released on November 22 on Netflix. They proceeded to screen the first episode of season three before the Q&A.Though who love and miss the 2003 Avatar: The Last Airbender series found solace in The Dragon Prince on Netflix, which carried over some of the creative team. Though radically different in style and cultural influences that lean toward Tolkienesque tropes and design, The Dragon Prince is no less rich (and humorous) than its spiritual predecessor show. Xadia builds a world of humans, elves, dragons, elemental magic, dark magic, and a great division of humans vs. magical beings that leads to consequences on both sides. Perhaps their only hope for salvation is two young royal siblings, Prince Callum (Jack DeSena) and the crown prince Erzan (Sasha Rojen), and a teenage assassin elf (Paula Burrows) discovering the stolen egg of the Dragon Prince in the formers' castle. The two princes and the elf cast aside their war-induced prejudices to return the stolen baby dragon prince, name Zym upon hatching, to the Dragon Queen. Where the show last left off in season two, Callum, Rayla, and Zym are headed to Xadia, while Prince Ezran rides back to his kingdom of Katolis to claim his throne after the revelation of his father's death. The king's treacherous court magician Lord Viren (Jason Simpson) is arrested by the court and has made contact with the mysterious elf, Araavos (Erik Todd Dellums), who may be a lethal ally. As long as Netflix keeps renewing the show for future seasons, the creators have plans for up to seven seasons for The Dragon Prince. They asked fans to spread #GiveUsTheSaga to maintain momentum. 

Q&A Tidbits 

  • Back in season one, Lord Viren imprisons Runann, the elf assassin that led King Harrow's assassinations, in a coin. Season two did not answer how he was doing but season three will show just how Runann is hanging in that coin.
  • A fan asked about If Claudia's questionable healing (which involved the sacrifice of a baby deer) for Soren's paralysis will last? They conducted a raise-of-hands to see which fans thought it will or won't hold.
  • Reminder that The Art of the Dragon Prince book will be released by Dark Horse next year.
  • The creators revealed plans for merchandising, such as jewelry from Hot Topic and other partnerships to be announced.
  • "Did Aaravos have family?" The creators say an identity of Aaravos's dear one will be on a map in a tie-in book. This relationship motivates what Aaravos does in the events of the series.
  • "So when Gren was chained to a wall, did he have bathroom breaks?" A creator stated, "Does anyone know what a TX catheter is? Can I talk about it?"
  • When a child fan asked if season three will reveal races of elves yet to be introduced, the answer was a yes.
  • Canada inspired a new location, Baffin Island, to be seen in season three.