Marvel's Infinity Saga Box Set Of All 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Will Set You Back A Pretty Penny

A  few weeks ago, Kevin Feige announced that there would be a massive box set that would include every single movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that makes up The Infinity Saga. Spanning from 2008 through 2019, this box set collects the entirety the epic first era of the unprecedented blockbuster franchise that Marvel Studios has created. Unfortunately, that means it's going to empty your wallet and maybe hit up a loan shark. See how much The Infinity Saga box set costs and what it includes below.

Best Buy posted the product page for The Infinity Saga box set before an official announcement was made:

There isn't an official product description to go with it, but you can see pretty much everything that'll be included in the image above. First up, there are all 23 movies, each one in 4K UHD and Blu-ray, individually packed in new sleeves featuring the title treatments for each film. You'll notice that there's the bonus disc that Kevin Feige previously teased, which will have never-before-seen deleted scenes, extended takes, and more that has been sitting in Marvel's vault this whole time.

The spine of each movie's sleeve contains a slice of new artwork created by Matt Ferguson. It's also included as one solid lithograph in the box set alongside a letter from Kevin Feige. We can't read the letter, but we assume it says something about thanking the fans and how they couldn't have done it without you, and thanks for not feeding your kids in order to buy this box set of all the movies that you likely already owned.

Finally, the box set is numbered, because apparently this will be a limited edition collection. And that's likely because it costs a whopping $549.99. That's $90 more than you'd pay if you bought each movie for $20, which is about what they cost on regular Blu-ray. However, if you bought them all on 4K UHD at the average price of $25 each, then you'd actually be saving $25, and you get some extra goodies along with it.

For that big price tag, I would have preferred that they all come inside of an Infinity Gauntlet or something cool like that. The first two phases of the MCU each got cool box set releases like that, so it's a shame Marvel and Disney didn't go that route here. Maybe they just know that there aren't a lot of people out there who are going to dole out $550 dollars for movies that they've already bought.

As of now, we don't know how many of The Infinity Saga box sets are being produced, but Best Buy says it's meant to arrive on November 15. We'll likely get an official announcement about this in the near future, so stay tuned.