New Galaxy's Edge Commercial Gives A Sneak Peek At 'Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance'

That galaxy far, far away is starting to feel a little closer thanks to a new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge commercial that gives us a sneak peek at its upcoming attraction Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. The Rise of the Resistance first footage shows how guests join the Resistance and embark on a secret mission. The ride won't officially open until this December, but this commercial gives us a taste for what the ride will be like.

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Footage

One of the most anticipated attractions of the year, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance drops guests right in the middle of the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. We learned recently that guests will be brought in as new recruits for the Resistance. Given a secret mission by Rey (Daisy Ridley) and piloted by Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), the guests are then intercepted and captured by the First Order. Finn (John Boyega, back in the Stormtrooper uniform) shows up and gives special instructions to get to the bottom of the Star Destroyer and escape before it blows up. The commercial gives a sneak peek at the Rise of the Resistance ride, as the guests are greeted as new recruits of the Resistance.

The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance dark ride attraction is one of the most anticipated attractions of the year, in part due to its being headed by Scott Trowbridge, the imagineer who was responsible for the Spider-Man ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure, one of the most beloved modern attractions.

Here is the description for Rise of the Resistance:

For the first time ever, there's a place where you can live your very own Star Wars™ story. A place where you can fly the galaxy's most legendary ship, the Millennium Falcon. A place where you'll find yourself caught in a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. With a whole new land, you can finally live your adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, now open at Walt Disney World Resort.

Rise of the Resistance opens on December 5, 2019, in Disney World, and on January 17, 2020, at Disneyland.