Brie Larson Is Leaning Into Those 'Star Wars' Rumors, Probably Because She Likes Seeing Trolls' Heads Explode

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: we have no idea if Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is joining the Star Wars universe and the recent wave of speculation suggesting so is just another case of the internet jumping to conclusions over nothing.

And yet! There's something to be said about Larson taking to social media to fully embrace this non-story. Partially because yes, Larson appearing in a Star Wars movie would be very cool. But mostly because she seems to enjoy driving the internet trolls nuts, and I respect that.

This rumor arose earlier this week, when it was revealed that Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige was going to produce a new Star Wars movie alongside Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy. The report included this tantalizing detail: "Feige has told a major actor that there's a specific role he would like that person to play when and if he makes the movie." Naturally, everyone immediately assumed that this major actor had to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran, because clearly Feige only knows actors who appear in Marvel films and has certainly never bothered to even meet anyone who hasn't already signed on to be a superhero for him.

And that's the origin story behind the Brie Larson rumors, rumors that were flamed by the Oscar-winning Room actress herself in a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram:

Does this mean anything at all? Of course not. It confirms literally nothing beyond the fact that Larson, like most of the people reading this article, would not say no to joining a Star Wars movie. Considering her lovely fangirling over the character of Captain Marvel, it would be nothing short of delightful to see her journey to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Of course, all you have to do is brave the responses to these posts to understand why Larson would play this particular game. The sexist trolls who remain convinced that Larson and the character of Captain Marvel are undoing the entire MCU (someone tell that to Avengers: Endgame's box office) are still out in full-force, still commenting under everything she shares, and still loudly proclaiming her to be the demise of pop cinema as we know it. Quite frankly, Larson keeping those folks thoroughly annoyed is her doing a fine public service as far as I'm concerned. Plus, this isn't the first time she's done some Star Wars cosplaying on social media:

Anyway, I don't think we'll see Brie Larson in a Star Wars movie. There's nothing to back that up. But please, keep teasing everyone, Brie! Some of us enjoy the enthusiasm and those who get angry about it need to get used that feeling, because she's here to stay.