That 'Snake Eyes' Movie Has Found Its Baroness In 'Money Heist' Star Úrsula Corberó

Snake Eyes Baroness

The upcoming Snake Eyes movie is starting to sound less like a prequel following that silent masked ninja and more like a total reboot of the G.I. Joe movie franchise. After all, how else are they going to explain the inclusion of Baroness, the longtime villain who appeared in a previous film played by a completely different person? In any case, it looks like Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó has landed the role, so if this movie is a hit, we can probably expect her to torment the good guys in the reinvigorated franchise to come.

The news comes our way via The Wrap, and there's not much to know beyond Corberó joining the cast. How she'll fit into the film, and the nature of her relationship with Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, remains unknown. We know from the G.I. Joe comics, toyline, and animated shows that she'll eventually evolve into one of the Joes' greatest foes, helping lead the evil organization Cobra and generally being the smartest villain in the room.

Corberó joins a cast that includes Golding and Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, another longtime Cobra villain and Snake Eyes' chief rival (and also his blood brother). Considering that Sienna Miller played baroness in 2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and that Byung-Hun Lee played Storm Shadow in previous films, it's becoming increasingly clear that this new film's connection to the larger franchise will be tenuous at best. Should this film connect with audiences, these are the actors we can expect to power the series going forward.

While she's not a household name, Corberó headlines the international smash hit La casa de papel, known to western audiences and Netflix users as Money Heist. That series has proven successful for Netflix, so it was only a matter of time before its leading lady made the jump to a major Hollywood movie.

Snake Eyes was written by Evan Spiliotopoulos and will be directed by Robert Schwentke. The film is currently set for an October 16, 2020 release date.