'Popstar: Never Stop Stopping' Sing-Along Screenings Coming To Alamo Drafthouse In October

Get your flamethrowers ready, because it's about to go down. After raking in over $6 billion dollars* at the box office in 2016, the fresh musical mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping from The Lonely Island is finally getting the screening treatment it deserves. Just three years after pleasuring the eyes, ears, and hearts of millions, Alamo Drafthouse is giving Popstar a series of sing-along screenings at 26 of their theater locations around the United States. That's almost as many seconds as it takes to get to Mars.

Alamo Drafthouse sent out a press release about the Popstar sing-along screenings that will be happening in October. Here's the official event's description from the ticket page at the Alamo website:

"With a hilarious lead performance from Andy Samberg, tons of killer cameos including Maya Rudolph, Sarah Silverman, Usher, and Adam Levine's hologram (so expensive!), and tons of big laughs and bumpin' tunez, POPSTAR has established itself as a modern cult classic.

That's why we're inviting you to kick it with the boyz of the Lonely Island at the most baller Sing-Along of all time (#sohumble). We'll have inflatable microphones and onscreen lyrics so you can get in on the jamz, glow necklaces and ribbon wands to dance along, and an American flag for you to wave around during Conner's erotic ode to patriotism. And be sure to show up early for our Show Pony drawing contest before the film.

So bring your crew, show us your Donkey Roll, and never stop never stopping at our POPSTAR Sing-Along. With fun props and lyrics up on the screen, you'll be belting out all of Conner4Real's greatest hits so loudly it'll be like you just opened your Aquaspin refrigerator. DOINK DE DOINK!"

You can't deny that there's nothing more patriotic than waving an American flag while singing about having sex with a girl who wants you to f*** her like the American government f***ed Osama Bin Laden. That's a special patriotic kind of eroticism that only The Lonely Island can deliver.

There's been a resurgence of love for Popstar this year now that the movie has found its audience on home video. Just this year The Lonely Island released the film's soundtrack on a few variant vinyl editions through Mondo. On top of that, Shout Factory is giving the movie a special Steelbook release with some incredible artwork. It's a good time to be a Style Boyz fan.

*Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping didn't actually earn this much at the box office. In fact, it's hard to know just how much it made at the box office because it's still playing in theaters and continues to make too much money to count.**

**Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping only made $9.6 million at the box office.