Video: 45 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Differences: Disney World Vs. Disneyland

We visited Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World to see how different it is from the Disneyland version of Batuu's Black Spire Outpost. Hit the jump to watch our video.

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We chronicle 54 different Star Wars Galaxy's Edge differences, from small aesthetic choices to amazing photo ops and exclusive food options.  We review the alcoholic blue milk with rum and the alcoholic green milk with tequila, as well as the Takodana Quencher and more. We also take note at how Orlando's version of Galaxy's Edge foregoes thematic immersion to try to keep guests cool from the Florida humidity.

And Peter continues his Black Kyber Challenge. Can he find the elusive black kyber crystal in Batuu east? For more information on the Black Kyber Crystal, check out this video.

We promise this is the most extensive comparison of Disneyland and Disney World's Star Wars Land that you'll find. I admit it is quite obsessive as we have visited Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland a couple of dozen times and the differences were very apparent to us.