'The Good Place' Season 4 Clip: Eleanor Welcomes Someone New To The Neighborhood

We've seen very little of the fourth season of The Good Place so far, but thankfully, with the premiere of the final season coming this week, we've got a clip from the show's latest reboot. But we won't set it up here, because that would dive into spoiler territory for the third season, and maybe you're still catching up for this week's premiere. Otherwise, proceed to watch The Good Place season 4 clip below.

Spoilers for season 3 ahead. At the end of the third season of The Good Place, it was determined that humans had been unfairly judged during their time on Earth. So in order to prove that they can improve upon themselves, Michael (Ted Danson) rebuilds the neighborhood that stands in as The Good Place, but The Bad Place gets to pick the four new test subjects that will need to improve over time in order to save Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Jason (Manny Jacinto), Tahani (Jameela Jamil), and Chidi (William Jackson Harper). The latter ends up needing his memory wiped in order to avoid conflict with one of the test subjects, his ex-girlfriend from Australia, and Eleanor takes over Michael's position in order to help things go a little more smoothly as his nerves get the better of him.

In The Good Place season 4 clip, Eleanor is welcoming one of the new arrivals to the neighborhood. Her name is Linda, but this woman is boring as hell and seems unimpressed with The Good Place in general, even after an elephant made of light reveals some of the secrets of the universe to her. Who is Linda here to mess with?

The Good Place Season 4 Clip

It'll be interesting to see how everyone handles this latest iteration of The Good Place, or rather this imitation of The Good Place. I'm certainly interested in getting to see how these new characters frustrate Eleanor, Jason, Tahani, and Chidi, and maybe even Michael. Will Eleanor be able to handle the pressure of Michael's job? Will Jason have to tangle with someone who isn't a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars? How many more celebrities will Tahani name drop before the show is done? Only time will tell.

The Good Place season four begins airing on September 26 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on NBC. And don't forget, you can watch The Paley Center Salutes The Good PlaceĀ on Hulu right now.