'A Quiet Place' Writers Scott Beck And Bryan Woods Met With Lucasfilm About 'Star Wars' And 'Indiana Jones'

Last year, A Quiet Place became a sleeper sensation, launching director John Krasinski's star sky-high and earning raves for its taut, compelling script. Screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck became a hot commodity in Hollywood, opening all sorts of doors for the duo. And, Woods and Beck recently revealed, one of those doors led to Lucasfilm. The A Quiet Place writers confirmed that in the wake of the smash success of the 2018 horror film, they met with Lucasfilm to talk about two of the studio's biggest properties: Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

In an interview with MovieWeb, Woods and Beck revealed that they had met with Lucasfilm to discuss possible Star Wars and Indiana Jones projects. Woods revealed to the outlet that they had preliminary discussions about "original ideas" or potentially a "new franchise" for Star Wars:

"We went into Lucasfilm in the wake of A Quiet Place and they wanted to talk to us about Indiana Jones and Star Wars. And we're like, 'We wanna talk to you about, what is Star Wars before it was Star Wars?' You guys have a responsibility to start a new franchise. That's where our hearts have always been, just trying to create original ideas."

Disney and Lucasfilm have been expanding the Star Wars universe at a record rate, with shows like The Mandalorian, and the Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+ as well as new film projects from Rian Johnson and Game of Thrones' David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. It's no surprise they're looking for rising talent to helm another Star Wars project, whether it be a series or movie. Woods and Beck aren't as much a household name as Johnson, Benioff and Weiss, and Favreau are, but the infinite possibilities of Disney+ allow Disney and Lucasfilm to potentially take more risks.

Meanwhile on the Indiana Jones front, Steven Spielberg is set to helm the long-awaited sequel next year, with Us creator Dan Fogelman the latest rumored writer in the revolving door of writers. It's unclear whether Woods and Beck were discussing taking over Indiana Jones 5 with Lucasfilm, or a new Indy project. However, Beck teased:

"Without giving away too much... it was simply ruminating on if we did an Indiana Jones movie, what would we want to see in Indiana Jones? Or if we did a Star Wars movie, what's that chapter of the whole universe that we would want to see? So it very much was an open canvas talk. It started going down the line a little bit but, again, as Bryan said, it's just not our DNA. We would rather create what the next Indiana Jones could be."

It's unclear yet how far those talks have progressed, but it's an exciting prospect for Woods and Beck, whose tight script for A Quiet Place is part of what made the sci-fi/horror film such an effective thrill ride. We'll see whether they can make the jump to one of the two biggest franchises today.