New Concept Art Teases 'Frozen' Land Coming To Disneyland Paris

Earlier this year, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced a nearly $2.5 billion theme park expansion, which included a new Disneyland Paris land that will bring the world of Arendelle to life from the global hit Frozen. Now, a new piece of concept art shows what the Frozen theme park expansion will look like, revealing the enchanting lake, Elsa's ice palace, an expansive village, and a far-off mountain. Check it out below.

Frozen Theme Park Concept Art

Frozen Theme Park ExpansionInside the Magic showed off the concept art above, which highlights the massive new land coming to Disneyland Paris. The lake at the center of the new Frozen theme park attraction measures around 7.5 acres. The lake will be host to a new entertainment stage with a 36o-degree viewing area, and it will be equipped with advanced lighting, sound, special effects technology, and fountains for water shows.David Wilson, site portfolio executive for Euro Disneyland Imagineering, had this to say about the Frozen land:

"This new, open-air development will add to the beauty and immersiveness of Walt Disney Studios Park, while providing the perfect center stage for not only daytime shows, but also nighttime spectaculars. It will completely rejuvenate the park's experience."

The Frozen theme park expansion will have a new restaurant and shop, presumably full of themed offerings inspired by the movie, not to mention the sequel arriving later this year. Plus, Disneyland Paris cast members will bring Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Olaf and other characters to life for attendees to meet and take pictures with.

As of now, there's no indication as to when the Frozen theme park expansion will be open at Disneyland Paris. But it's not the only Frozen theme park opening since Tokyo DisneySea is also opening their own Arendelle attraction sometime in the future too.

Disney parks seem to be investing a lot of money in creating entire lands dedicated to some of their most successful movies. That costs considerably more than having one or two rides dedicated to characters, which seems risky. Sure, Frozen is popular now, but how long will that last? And it's not as if the mythology of Frozen offers a lot of possibilities for an immersive experience. Still, that doesn't matter as much for kids who will still feel like they're in the movie.