Christoph Waltz To Hunt Liam Hemsworth For Sport In Quibi Action Thriller Series

Christoph Waltz hunts Liam Hemsworth for sport in a new Quibi untitled action thriller series. While Quibi is still an unproven entity, at least three of those things are...a bingo.Deadline reports that Waltz will be co-starring with Hemsworth in Quibi's Untitled Action Thriller from Scorpion creator Nick Santora, who is writing and executive producing the series. Emmy-nominated director Phil Abraham (Mad Men) will direct and also executive produce the series, which is being produced by Gordon Gray alongside Silver Reel Pictures and CBS Television Studios.

Here is the synopsis for the series, per Deadline:

In the series, desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Maynard (Hemsworth) accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he's not the hunter... but the prey. The action-thriller explores the limits of how far someone would go to fight for their life and their family. Let the games begin.

Waltz has been cast as Miles Sellers, who hunts Dodge in the deadly game. It's pitch-perfect casting for Waltz to play a sociopathic villain — though maybe it's become typecasting at this point. Waltz won a best supporting actor Oscars for his breakout role in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, in which he plays a Nazi who hunts down Jews. He got to play the reverse of this type at least in Django Unchained, but Waltz has been somewhat stuck playing the amiable villain in his career. Meanwhile, Hemsworth has been cast as the square-jawed hero type, though he has yet to display the same level of charisma as his older brother Chris Hemsworth.

There are too few details to this series to get a good idea of what it will be like, and Quibi is too much of a new platform to tell whether its questionable experiment — "quick bites" of TV delivered in 7-10 minute episodes on a mobile device — will work.