Cool Stuff: Enormous 'Star Wars' LEGO Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four-Feet Long, Has Over 4,700 Pieces

There's a new Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer coming to shelves next month. Actually, it might be the only thing that fits on a given shelf since it measures a whopping 43 inches long and is made up of 4,784 pieces. There will be no one to stop the Empire this time.

The LEGO Star Destroyer is the latest addition to the Ultimate Collector Series of LEGO sets, many of which have been vehicles from a galaxy far, far away. And while this isn't quite as big as the UCS version of the Millennium Falcon, it's still an impressive assembly of LEGO bricks. Check it out in all its glory below.

Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer

Star Wars LEGO Star DestroyerStar Wars LEGO Star DestroyerStar Wars LEGO Star DestroyerStar Wars LEGO Star Destroyer

My favorite part of this massive LEGO Star Destroyer is that it comes with a mini version of the Tantive IV, created to scale with the Imperial starship. Or if you're not worried about matching the size accurately, you could always just pay for the much more detailed version that LEGO released earlier this summer.

Now for the bad news. If you want to toss this bad boy on the shelf with the rest of your LEGO starships, it's going to set you back $700 when it goes on sale on October 1.

The new LEGO Star Destroyer is actually $100 cheaper than the previously released UCS Millennium Falcon. Somehow it has even less pieces than Han Solo's hunk of junk too. But even with less pieces, this version of the Star Destroyer is a step up from the previous LEGO edition of the ship.