'Making Waves: The Art Of Cinematic Sound' Trailer: Learn About Sound Design In Cinema

There have been plenty of documentaries shining a light on the various facets of filmmaking, but one that we've yet to see covered extensively is sound design. That's about to change with Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound, a new documentary focusing on sound designers and the work they do to bring a film to life through the audio that accompanies the moving images we see on the screen.

In Making Waves, filmmakers like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, and Ryan Coogler talk abut the importance of great sound design in their movies. Through the film, we get to meet some of the best sound designers in the business, such as Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now), Ben Burtt (Star Wars) and Gary Rydstrom (Saving Private Ryan), and get an inside look at how they are an invaluable part of the cinematic process. Watch the Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound trailer below.

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound

Ensuring this an educated presentation of what sound designers bring to the motion picture experience, this film is directed by Midge Costin, a sound editor who worked on movies like Days of Thunder, Crimson Tide, The Rock, Con-Air and Armageddon. You couldn't ask for a better guide through the world of cinematic sound.

In addition to highlighting the art of sound design, it seems the documentary also takes us through the evolution of sound in film, starting back when movies had none. Through archival clips, interviews, film footage and more, audiences will get to see how sound cinema, made it more powerful than ever, and continues to evolve as technology behind filmmaking gets more and more advanced.

Carline Cao caught Making Waves for us at Tribeca earlier this year, and here's what she had to say in her review:

"Making Waves feels purposed for young filmmakers learning the craft or experienced ones reinforcing their appreciation of sound and the masters behind them. Coming into this documentary, you'll likely be already interested in behind-the-scenes aesthetics. All in all, Making Waves can encourage the filmmaker in you to grab the boom mic and sound recorder and see what noise, rhythm, and roars you can capture and assemble."

Other filmmakers featured in the trailer above include Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Christopher Nolan (Inception), Robert Redford (Ordinary People), and David Lynch (Mulholland Drive). And there are infinitely more sound designers featured in the film, including some prominent female voices who are an integral part of cinema history, such as Anna Behlmer (Braveheart), Cece Hall (Top Gun), and Pat Jackson (The English Patient).

An insighful and fascinating examination of sound design in film, featuring legendary sound designers Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now), Ben Burtt (Star Wars) and Gary Rydstrom (Saving Private Ryan). Directors including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, and Ryan Coogler talking about how essential sound is to the landscape of filmmaking.

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound arrives in limited theaters on October 26, 2019.