VOTD: Watch The 'Star Wars' Theme Played By A LEGO Droid Orchestra With Real Instruments

You've heard the Star Wars theme countless times in a variety of different versions, ranging from the inexplicably popular disco version that ruled the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in 1977 to Nick the Lounge Singer's famous rendition in the early years of Saturday Night Live. But you've never heard it played like this.

LEGO teamed up with British musician Sam Battle (aka Look Mum No Computer), famous for using toys and other common household items to create music in interesting ways, to create a 95-piece orchestra composed of LEGO droids from the building brick company's recent Droid Commander line. Why? So the LEGO droids play the Star Wars theme, of course. Watch below!

LEGO Droids Play the Star Wars Theme

The mechanisms created to have all of these droids play 42 instruments is truly impressive. Using 46 R2-D2, droids, 25 GONK droids, 24 Mouse droids, 30 iPads and 3,148 hours of creation, LEGO and Sam Battle pulled off quite the fun stint here. All the droids are managed at a station that looks like the work of a mad scientist (which Sam Battle seems to be, honestly).

While there's no guarantee that your kid will be able to pull something off like this if they have a LEGO Droid Commander set, these are educational toys that help kids learn how to code with computers through the customization of LEGO droids. The LEGO Droid Commander line of products is available now, and you can find out more about them at the LEGO Shop website.

If you want to see how LEGO and Sam Battle pulled this off, here's an extensive look behind the scenes:

Stay tuned and hopefully we'll hear about the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker LEGO sets soon.