Watch: 'Conan' Heads To Greenland Next Week, Gives A Weather Report, Visits Icebergs & More

Conan O'Brien has made waves by doing extensive traveling for remote specials for his late night talk show spin-off Conan Without Borders on TBS, which has also revamped its format to be just a half-hour show most of the time. And his next trip will take him to Greenland, where Conan tried to keep the country from falling into the hands of President Donald Trump. But beyond trying to make a ludicrous real estate purchase, he also gives a weather report, meets a lot of locals, check out the massive (melting) icebergs, and much more.

Conan Goes to Greenland

In his first sneak preview, Conan sets the stage for the Greenland episode of Conan Without Borders, and he plays a clip with him checking out a famous statue depicting the Mother of the Sea with various animals found in the area. But Conan perceives the statue as being very erotic, making for an orgy of animals and people.

Next, Conan takes the time to explain his Greenland trip yet again since you never know when your audience missed an episode and has no idea you're talking about something that was already explained. But then we get to see him mingling with some of the young locals, and he has real trouble being able to pronounce their names.

For his third sneak preview, Conan spend a little less time letting everyone know why he went to Greenland, and then shows off a clip from his visit to a local news station in the country's capital Nuuk. In the studio, he gets to give a weather report, and he attempts to do it in the native Greenlandic language, but delivers it with the worst pronunciation you could imagine.

Finally, living up to its reputation of being covered in ice, Conan got to check out the massive icebergs that are holding on for dear life as climate change slowly breaks them down. At first, the show marvels a the beauty of the icebergs with Conan looking on in awe, but since this is a comedy show, of course it has to end with a joke.

At the very least, heading to Greenland during its time in the American spotlight certainly more innovative than the "revolution" in podcasting that he's being credited with for some reason. If you haven't seen any of the Conan Without Borders episodes, you can watch them on Netflix. But this new Greenland episode will air on Tuesday, September 3 at 10pm ET/9pm CT on TBS.