'Ghostbusters' Returning To Theaters For 35th Anniversary With New And Rare Alternate Takes

You've probably seen Ghostbusters countless times on the big screen by now after several different milestone anniversaries, but there's a good reason to catch it back in theaters this fall for the movie's 35th anniversary.

Fathom Events is not only putting Ghostbusters in theaters again in early October to help usher in Halloween festivities around the United States, but the screening will feature newly unearthed and rarely seen alternate takes that have never been made previously available to the general public. Get the details below.

Here's the official description for the Ghostbusters 35th anniversary screening from Fathom Events:

When ghosts go on a rampage, only three men can save the world. It's Ghostbusters, starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis as a maniacal band of parapsychologists specializing in psychic phenomena – and super – natural hilarity and they are back on the big screen for a special 35th anniversary event!

Fired from university research jobs, Drs. Venkman (Murray), Stantz (Aykroyd), and Spengler (Ramis) set up shop as "Ghostbusters," ridding Manhattan of bizarre apparitions. But even the spirit exterminators are severely tested when beautiful Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) and her neighbor (Rick Moranis) become possessed by demons living in their building. Soon every spook in the city is loose and our heroes face their supreme challenge at a roof-top demonic shrine. If you want your spirits raised, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

This event features an introduction with newly unearthed and rarely seen alternate takes!

It seems a little odd that Ernie Hudson gets completely ignore in this synopsis, especially since he actually becomes one of the Ghostbusters halfway through the movie. It's just another instance of Winston Zeddemore getting the shaft after often being left out of the Ghostbusters line-up. But I digress.

We're betting the new footage being included is some of the bloopers, alternate takes and more that was recently screened for the first time at Ghostbusters Fan Fest in California. We got to see some of that footage and even got it on video to the best of our ability, and you can check that out over here.

Ghostbusters will be playing in select theaters nationwide at 4pm and 7pm on Saturday, October 6 and 7pm on Thursday, October 10 (all local times). Get tickets and screening locations over at Fathom Events.