Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Taking 'UNprofessionals' United Nations Comedy To CBS

While political turmoil engulfs the United States week in and week out, comedy masterminds Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg are hoping to bring some laughs to the scene on the global side of politics.

CBS is developing a new comedy series called UNprofessionals from the producers of the recent raunchy hit film Good Boys and directors of This Is The End. No, that capitalized UN isn't a typo, because the series will focus on a group of the least important people working at the United Nations.

The Hollywood Reporter has word on the UNprofiessionals comedy series in the works at CBS. Unlike many comedies at CBS, this will be a single-camera project instead of a multi-camera show that usually has a live audience present during filming. Considering the setting of the series, it makes much more sense to have a single-camera approach, especially since it will require more than a few sets to be utilized in order for the show to feel like it actually takes place at the United Nations.

The UN is an important place in the realm of global relations. The collective of countries from around the world is responsible for maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international co-operation and creating a harmony between the actions of the various nations around the world. They're also commonly a punchline for not accomplishing nearly as much as one would hope, and that could easily be a source of comedy for the show.

If anything, this sounds like the opportunity to craft a funny workplace comedy at a place where serious things should be happening. And since this series is meant to follow the least important people working at the UN, that only heightens the hilarity that can come from the show's premise. The show won't have the mockumentary style of favorites like The Office or Parks and Recreation, but we can easily see a series of the same tone coming out of this.

Another outstanding comedy duo is working on the script for the series: Randy & Jason Sklar, twin brothers who have been on the stand-up comedy scene together for years and have appeared on various television shows, both separately and together, throughout their career. They'll be working with Scrubs scribe Andy Schwartz on the script, and they'll all be executive producing along with Super Troopers and Dukes of Hazzard director Jay Chandrasekhar, as well as James Weaver and Alex McAtee from Point Grey Pictures, the production banner of Rogen and Goldberg.

Point Grey Pictures has been on a role with genre content recently, ranging from twisted comic book adaptations like AMC's Preacher and the recent Amazon hit The Boys to Showtime's Black Monday and Hulu's Future Man. Now that they're expanding into the network comedy scene, they're bound to only gain more steam. Hopefully they can shake up CBS a bit