'Into The Dark' Season 2 Will Scare Streamers With Another Year Of Holiday Horror

Hulu is staying in the horror anthology business. The streaming service has renewed Into the Dark for a second season, keeping the monthly horror show rolling into 2020.

The news of the renewal comes our way courtesy of Vulture, who report that Hulu has ordered nine more episodes of the show on top of the 15 episodes from season one. Or rather, they've ordered nine more movies, since each episode of Into the Dark is a feature-length horror movie, albeit one produced like a television show using low budgets.

But small budgets have rarely kept the horror genre down and series producer Blumhouse Productions knows a thing or two about how to make a penny look like a quarter onscreen. While the results have ranged from stellar to miserable, Into the Dark is the kind of low-budget experiment that should be more common in the age of streaming – a company gives a stack of cash to someone who knows how to produce quality on a shoestring and tells them to go nuts. Even at its most lackluster, there's no denying that Into the Dark is trying something new and that's always exciting.

Like the first season, it's expected that Into the Dark season 2 will tie each monthly installment into a seasonal holiday or event, whether it's incidental or a major part of the plot. However, Blumhouse TV co-president Marci Wiseman promised that keeping things fresh and unique will be a key part of the series going forward:

"The idea is diversity of entertainment within the collection rather than sameness. We lean into the fact that it's a fun experience to come every month and you don't quite know what's coming, rather than seeing something expected."

The first season of Into the Dark offered a spotlight for genre veterans like Nacho Vigalondo and promising up-and-comers like Sophia Takal alike. Now that the series has found its footing, we can only imagine the deep bench of talent Blumhouse and Hulu can draw into the series. Not knowing what you're going to get each month, and not knowing if you'll discover a thrilling new voice or spend time with a voice you already love, is part of what makes Into the Dark so much fun, even when certain entries don't quite work.

At this rate, Into the Dark should run through September 2020. And then maybe we'll get a third season. At the very least, Hulu will now house 24 unique horror movies and that's pretty darn cool.