'Mindhunter' Will Run For Five Seasons If David Fincher Has Anything To Say About It

Netflix has yet to renew Mindhunter for a third season – because they like to toy with our emotions. But if all goes according to plan we could be in for five seasons total – at least according to producer David Fincher. Star Holt McCallany recently revealed that Fincher is hoping for five seasons total, which would mean even more serial killers – like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy – would be heading our way. (Not literally; that would be terrifying.)

Holt McCallany, who plays gruff FBI agent Bill Tench on Mindhunter, sat down with THR to offer some insight into the acclaimed show. During the course of the interview, McCallany revealed that in one of his very first meetings with Mindhunter producer and director David Fincher, Fincher talked about plans for at least five seasons: "He said 'Listen, are you ready to do this for five seasons? Because even if I f*** it up, it's gonna go five seasons, and I don't intend to f*** it up.' So I'd like to think that we will continue, for as long as David is intrigued by telling this particular story."

As a big fan of Mindhunter (read my review of the new season here), this is music to my ears. I really hope Fincher sticks with it, and I really hope Netflix gets off their butts and renews the show. Even though a Mindhunter season 3 renewal has yet to be announced, the THR piece confirms that the show is "moving to a different production location" from its previous location, Pittsburgh. Since there are already plans to move to a new location, it certainly looks like the folks involved with the show are all-in on a third season. McCallany also says that season 3 might be "a complete reimagining of the show." He doesn't elaborate further, though. What could this mean? My guess is a time-jump – season 2 ends in the 1980s; maybe season 3 picks up in the '90s?

Then again, jumping into the '90s would prohibit Mindhunter from spending time with some infamous killers, like Ted Bundy (who was executed in 1989). And according to John Douglas, the real-life FBI profiler who inspired Mindhunter, there's a good chance Bundy might pop-up at some point. Speaking with Collider, Douglas said:

"There's a lot more they could do. A good one would be the Hanson case up in Alaska. Robert Hanson. He's the one who hunted down women, flew them up into the wilderness in his airplane that he owned, and then he'd strip 'em down naked and hunt them down like wild animals. That's going to be a big one. And Green River is going to be a big one. The BTK, they're doing it now. I don't know if they'll come to a resolution... There are some other cases, and some cases are not well known, but they're interesting cases. We were involved, my partner and I, in the John Gacy case. And of course you've got Ted Bundy. That was another agent in my unit who I sent down to spend time with Ted Bundy. That has to be one as well."