'Masters Of The Universe' Honest Trailer: The Kinkiest Movie Based On Action Figures

Transformers: The Movie may have come to the big screen in 1986, but it wasn't until 1987 that we got the first live-action movie based on a line of action figures in the form of Masters of the Universe. Inspired by the toys and animated series with the much more manly title of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, this movie has a few characters fans love, and some random ass characters that no one gives a s*** about taking up 50% of the film's running time. And that's just one of the problems, as pointed out in the Masters of the Universe Honest Trailer.

Masters of the Universe Honest Trailer

This is another in the Honest Trailer assault on blockbuster summer, and you couldn't ask for a more worthy contender.

Maybe the reason He-Man is barely in half of this movie is because they cast Dolph Lundgren, a guy who was still getting the hang of walking and talking, as what should have been the titular hero. Instead, we get a small town romance and some deformed dwarf scientist invading the rest of the movie when we should be seeing He-Man tangle with Trapjaw, who isn't even in the damn movie.

Somehow, Masters of the Universe comes from the writer of The Dark Crystal, the composer from Rocky, the editor of Lawrence of Arabia, and one of the visual effects artists from Star Wars and it's still a s***ty movie. Maybe the problem is that the producers are the same guys who made Superman IV: The Quest for Peace...at the same time.