'Hobbs And Shaw' Cameos Are Officially Being Used To Sell The Movie, So Here They Are

If you went into Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw expecting to get some cameos from the cast of the primary Fast and Furious franchise, then you walked away mostly disappointed. But if you went in not expecting a couple key cameos from two of Hollywood's biggest stars, then you may have left the theater satisfied.

The marketing for Hobbs and Shaw kept the cameos in question out of the marketing, and the internet has been surprisingly good about keeping them under wraps, but now the cat's out of the bag, and the cameos are officially being used to push the second weekend of release. Find out who made these big Hobbs and Shaw cameos and even see clips of one of them below.

Hobbs and Shaw Cameo #1 - Ryan Reynolds

Yes, Ryan Reynolds was brought in to the Fast and Furious universe in Hobbs and Shaw. As Dwayne Johnson explains, Reynolds plays Agent Locke with the CIA, who has apparently been Hobbs' partner for 15 years. But Hobbs doesn't work for the CIA, and even though Reynolds acts friendly with Locke, he's also kind of annoyed by that friendliness, but in a playful way.

Reynolds is basically being his usual sarcastic self as Agent Locke, making an early appearance in the movie as the one who tries to convince him to take this job in London where Shaw's sister has been accused of stealing a deadly super virus and killing her own MI6 team. Locke also returns for two of the four (yes, four) scenes that happen throughout and after the credits.

Funnily enough, the agent who convinces Shaw to work with an unknown American counterpart on this same job is played by comedian Rob Delaney, who played the scene-stealing Peter in Deadpool 2. So that's fun.

Hobbs and Shaw Cameo #2 - Kevin Hart

The other big surprise cameo in Hobbs and Shaw comes right around the middle of the movie, and clearly he's been given clearance to talk about it in the open. Dwayne Johnson's Central Intelligence and Jumanji franchise co-star Kevin Hart appears in the movie as a Federal Air Marshal who overhears Hobbs and Shaw bickering in the middle of a flight.

As you can see in the clip, Hart introduces himself as Dinkley, and in addition to calling out both Hobbs and Shaw for being two of the least covert spies he's ever seen, he also takes the opportunity to sell himself as being able to help them. We also get to hear Hart doing his deadly serious law enforcement voice, which is pretty damn funny. The entire sequence in the movie feels like it goes on a little too long and ends rather abruptly, but it does have a payoff later in the movie's plot.


The question is whether we'll see these characters pop up in the primary Fast and Furious franchise or if they'll only be relegated to appearances in Hobbs and Shaw movies. My bet is on the latter, simply because we know producer Vin Diesel is not very pleased with the mere existence of Hobbs and Shaw, and he likely doesn't want to bring any elements from that spin-off into the main series. After all, Dwayne Johnson won't even be in Fast and Furious 9, and it doesn't seem like Jason Statham will be either. But we're hoping to see these characters again in Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, Now with Locke and Dinkley.