Sequel Bits: Keanu Reeves Was Almost In 'Hobbs & Shaw', Watch A 'Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil' TV Spot & More

In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Keanu Reeves was almost in Hobbs & Shaw
  • Check out a Maleficent: Mistress of Evil TV spot and poster
  • See a photo from the start of production on Ghostbusters 2020
  • Sylvester Stallone looks leathery in a Rambo: Last Blood poster
  • All that and more
  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is the sequel that no one seemed to ask for, but it's coming this fall. Watch a new TV spot above with more fantasy action that is destined to sell more merchandise at Hot Topic. Plus, head over here to check out a lazy poster with plenty of floating heads.

    Next up, Ghostbusters 2020 has started production up in Canada, and Jason Reitman shared this look at the slate with the working title Rust City. Reports have come out of the town where shooting is taking place indicating that most of the scenes have been taking place at a school and a Chinese restaurant. Plus, some spy photos show the rusted Ecto-1 being driven around.

    Coming to America - John Amos

    Just after a big chunk of the supporting cast for Coming 2 America was announced, one more name has been added to the roster. Deadline has word that John Amos, who played Cleo McDowell, owner of the McDowell's fast food chain that totally wasn't a rip-off of McDonald's, will be back for the sequel. There's still no word on whether Shari Headley will return as Cleo's daughter, who was the love interest for Eddie Murphy's character Akeem in the original movie.

    Next week brings 47 Meters Down: Uncaged to theaters. Unfortunately, this sequel doesn't look nearly as fun as the first movie (especially since it's not called 48 Meters Down), and we don't have much hope that it will have the same kind of entertaining suspense and tension. But maybe you'll think otherwise after you watch the final trailer for the movie

    Rambo: Last Blood PosterSylvester Stallone is still going strong at 73 years old, but on the latest poster for Rambo: Last Blood, the action star is looking rather leathery and shiny. He looks ripped as hell, but this poster makes it seem like Stallone is spending too much time in the tanning booth.John Wick Honest Trailer - Keanu Reeves

    Finally, there were rumors of Keanu Reeves making an appearance in Hobbs & Shaw, but clearly that didn't happen. However, there were definitely discussions about it happening behind the scenes. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, director David Leitch explained how that rumor came about and why Keanu Reeves didn't end up having a role:

    "It all stemmed from the fact that we had talked to Keanu early on. It was even before where we ended up with this draft. I had been talking to Keanu periodically through the shooting of it all and looking for opportunities of where it could be. I also wanted to make sure that it was enough — a real promise for something legitimate in the future — and wasn't just a stunt casting role. We started to populate the movie with all these other personalities, and I just didn't really think that we needed it, although I would've loved it. We even talked in post, and I showed him a rough cut of the movie. Then, we had conversations about 'is there something here?' We came to the conclusion of 'let's put a pin in it.' I'm all for finding opportunities, but I also didn't want to force anything."

    So they want Keanu Reeves in the franchise, but they didn't want it to be a disappointing experience that wasted his involvement. Perhaps there's a chance that Reeves will end up playing the director of the mysterious corporation Eteon? The identity of the voice giving Idris Elba orders was never revealed, so there's a chance Reeves could have an integral role in a Hobbs & Shaw sequel.