'The Goldbergs' Are Taking A National Lampoon 'Vacation' For Season 7 Premiere With Two Guest Stars

The Goldbergs are still lavishing in that 1980-something nostalgia as they head into their seventh season on ABC. The comedy series has paid tribute to countless classic movies from the decade ranging from The Karate Kid to Spaceballs, and for their upcoming season premiere, they'll be taking a little road trip inspired by National Lampoon's beloved summer sojourn from 1983.National Lampoon's Vacation is the quintessential road trip comedy, and it introduced us to the Chicago family known as The Griswolds. Since The Goldbergs aren't too far off from The Griswolds, both in their namesake and their familial antics, it only makes sense that they will embark on a a very important road trip of their own. But of course, things don't go as smoothly as they hope and hilarity ensues.Deadline has word on The Goldbergs season 7 premiere taking a cue from National Lampoon's Vacation. Instead of Wally World, The Goldbergs will be heading to Disneyland after matriarch Beverly (Wendi McClendon-Covey) insists they take one more family vacation before Erica (Hayley Orrantia) and Barry (Troy Gentile) go off to college. It seems like the trip may also somewhat take a cue from European Vacation since Erica is in turmoil after her boyfriend Geoff (Sam Lerner) says, "We need to talk," but won't say what about until she gets back from vacation.

Since this is a season premiere, the producers are having some fun with guest stars by bringing in Anthony Michael Hall, the original Rusty Griswold. Also making a cameo will beĀ Christie Brinkley, who famously cruises by the Griswold family and flirts with Chevy Chase while driving across the country. Their roles in the episode will be specified at a later time.

As for how the show's seventh season will continue from here on out, I'm wondering just how the series will handle sending off two of their main characters to college. It feels like the series can't stay locked in the 1980s forever if the kids keep aging, and since they're official high school graduates, there's kind of a ticking clock before they head off into the adult world (though it would be understandable if Barry stayed an extra year or two).

The "Vacation" episode of The Goldbergs was written by Alex Barnow and Chris Bishop, and directed by Lew Schneider, and it will kick off the show's seventh season on Wednesday, September 25, at 9pm ET on ABC.