'Shazam!' Honest Trailer: Finally, A Family Movie That Scares The Hell Out Of Kids

There are plenty of superhero movies out there for kids to enjoy nowadays. But what we've been missing a superhero movie with some truly frightening monsters that will make them never want to see a superhero movie ever again. All you have to do is say, Shazam!.

The Shazam Honest Trailer has arrived to show us that not only can movies made for families be absolutely terrifying, but Marvel and DC Comics aren't all that different. While Marvel Studios has a parade of movies with estranged daddy issues, DC Entertainment has a parade of sad moms with tragic pasts and questionable decisions. We must stop this rivalry and focus on having two parents who do the right thing and care about their kids!

Shazam Honest Trailer

While most kids would be content with have the superpowers to turn into an adult superhero who can summon electricity, fly and deflect bullets, that's not good enough for today's youngsters. No, on top of that dream come true, it's also all about getting those clicks on YouTube. Isn't that special? And yes, we realize the irony, almost hypocrisy, of Honest Trailers calling that out when they desperately want those clicks, but the world isn't perfect.

Anyway, even though Shazam! gives the Fast and Furious franchise a run for its money when it comes to the family element, it does add a wonderful level of charm to the proceedings, especially when the entire family gets suited up as superheroes. Now that's something the kids should be excited about whenever they get done watching Minecraft videos.