Cool Stuff: HasLab Reveals Unicron Action Figure, The Largest Transformers Toy Ever

Earlier this week, we featured a new HasLab project asking collectors to crowdfund the creation of a life-size Cookie Monster replica. But the Hasbro collector initiative has a completely different toy that is vying for even more money in your wallet. It's The Lord of Chaos, The Planet Eater, The Chaos Bringer. It's the one and only Unicron.

After debuting in the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie, HasLab wants to bring Unicron to your toy shelves in the form of the largest converting Transformers figure ever created. Unicron changes from planet mode to robot mode, and if you've got enough money, he can bring chaos and destruction to your toy collection.

HasLab Transformers Unicron Action Figure

Transformers Unicron Action Figure

This is Unicrons planet mode, which measures 30 inches in diameter. The planet-eating jaws are geared to open and surrounded by posable planetary rings. And since this massive toy weighs about 19 pounds, the planet mode comes with a custom stand to keep it hovering in the air.

Transformers Unicron Action Figure

But Unicron wouldn't be one of the Transformers if it didn't have a robot mode, and you can see that above. When transformed into a robot, Unicron stands over 27 inches tall and has 50 points of articulation, moving eyes, and an articulated mouth with movable teeth to make him that much more menacing.

Now for the bad news: If you want this Unicron figure, you'll have to pledge to pay $574.99. However, since this is a HasLab project, it needs 8,000 backers in order to officially go into production. The project has until 11:59pm ET on August 31, 2019 to reach that number, and at the time of this writing it has 1,176 backers already.

The good news is you won't be charged unless this goal is actually met by the time that window is up. After that, it won't ship until early in 2021, so you'll be waiting for awhile even after the goal is met.

You can get more details and see more pictures of the Transformers Unicron action figure over at Hasbro Pulse.