Daily Podcast: Spider-Man: Far From Home Mailbag, HBO Max, Look Who's Talking, Lion King, Spider-Man 3 & More

On the July 10, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and writer Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest film and tv news, including HBO Max, Lord of the Rings, Look Who's Talking, The Lion King, Spider-Man 3, and more. And in the Mailbag we'll be answering some questions in response to our Spider-Man: Far From Home spoiler discussion episode.

In The News:

  • Chris: Warner Streaming Service Named HBO Max, Launching Spring 2020 (and Bringing 'Friends' With It)
  • Jacob: 'Lord of the Rings' MMO Video Game Coming From Amazon
  • Chris: 'Look Who's Talking' Reboot In the Works For Some Reason
  • Peter: 'The Lion King' Early Buzz: Does Jon Favreau's Remake Roar?
  • Jacob: If 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Doesn't Make a Billion Dollars, Sony Breaks Free of the Marvel Studios Deal
  • Chris (og Brad): Kevin Feige Says the Next Spider-Man Story Has "Never Been Done Before on Film"
  • In The Mailbag:

  • John O. from NJ  (Home of Six Flags Great Adventure, one of the most underrated theme parks in America) writes in "Does anyone else have a problem watching Euphoria right after Spider-Man Far from Home? I love MJ's character just as much as Peter (Parker) does and don't want to ruin it..."
  • Paul Jolly from Melbourne, Australia writes in "Love your podcast. Enjoyed your spoilerific discussion of Far from home. I couldn't help noting that when you were guessing potential names for the next Spider-Man movie, surely Homespun should be to good to miss. Beautiful punning.   Cheers."
  • Brian from Austin writes in "I feel like Peter Parker's arc tracks pretty well throughout the films. Teenagers certainly are impulsive and may not know what they want in the future but Peter is more a victim of other people influencing him than anything else. That and the fact that he is compelled to help people, even when it means getting in over his head.   
  • Civil War: Wants to protect his neighborhood, Tony asks him to step up and he does.   
  • Homecoming: Peter has had a taste of being an avenger and thinks that's what he wants but then realizes he's not ready/has other priorities.   
  • Infinity War: Has no choice but to join the fight because the threat is so large. His mentor and his city are being attacked.   
  • Far From Home: Still wants to be a neighborhood spider-man, tries to leave it behind on his vacation but has to step up again when "Fury" recruits him and Tony gives him Edith.  Love the pod and the site!"
  • Jon A writes in "I think you guys might be missing the real reason behind the second post credit scene, I think it's a set-up for SWORD."
  • James writes in "Hi Peter,  With Spiderman Far From Home being SO intertwined with the MCU, the big question for me that came to mind was – WILL Spiderman Far From Home be on Disney+.  hypothetically, could you watch all films from the MCU on the upcoming 'Marvel' channel portion of the platform since it's distributed by SONY?"     
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