VOTD: 'Star Wars' Skywalker Saga Short Makes The Case For An Entire Stylized Animated Remake

If you haven't been checking in with the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, then you've been missing out on some outstanding animated shorts that deliver abridged versions of key moments and character arcs from the entire Star Wars saga.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animate shorts created for the web that we first highlighted when they launched last fall. The latest takes a crack at delivering a stylized, extremely truncated version of all three Star Wars trilogies, chronicling the Skywalker saga as it's been revealed so far. Each scene seamlessly weaves into the next, and the animation for the lightsaber battles is extremely cool. Watch the Star Wars animated short, Jedi vs Sith – The Skywalker Saga, below.

Star Wars Animated Short - Jedi vs Sith - The Skywalker Saga

The video begins with Anakin Skywalker as he was discovered in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, quickly sees him grow up alongside his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi, and turn to the dark side only to fight the man who trained him. Then we see as Obi-Wan's death leads to the rise of Luke Skywalker, which in turn leads to the awakening of the Force inside Rey.

What I love about these animated shorts is that they use the dialogue from the movies, but give new visual perspectives to scenes and moments that we're already so familiar with. It's a stylish spin on what is very familiar, but the animation makes it feel so refreshing and visually appealing.

If Lucasfilm ever wanted to do a full-on animated remake of the movies, perhaps turning each trilogy into a single feature film, I think fans would love to see that. For more evidence of that, check out what they did with Darth Vader's assault on Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.