'Waterworld' Honest Trailer: The Wettest 'Mad Max' Movie You've Ever Seen

Summer has been full of big blockbusters for years, but back in 1995, the biggest bomb was an entire movie called Waterworld. Making just $88 million in the United States on a reported budget of $175 million, the movie was a massive disappointment. If it wasn't for the budget being made up with the $175 million made in international markets, things would have been much worse for Universal, but the movie still ended up mostly being a wash for the studio. But why?

The Waterworld Honest Trailer shows reminds us exactly why this movie didn't connect with audiences. Not only is the high concept simply Mad Max soaking wet, but Kevin Costner isn't exactly the most charismatic leading man for a summer action adventure. He's not even likeable when standing next to an insane eyepatch wearing Dennis Hopper.

Waterworld Honest Trailer

This is exactly the kind of movie that makes you wonder, "How did this get made?" In fact, I can't believe that the podcast How Did This Get Made? hasn't yet tackled this baffling movie's existence. Sure, the idea itself isn't bad, but the execution is mind-boggling, especially when it comes to the absolutely zero redemptive qualities of Kevin Costner's character. At least he's good at endless amounts of rope tricks, which was enough to inspire a stunt show at Universal Studios Hollywood, which is actually still running to this very day (albeit with a recent update last year).

Of course, it's not as if this year's blockbusters have been much better. We'd kill for a movie as bombastic and insane as Waterworld this summer. It would be better than the movies that we've gotten this summer, many of which are simply boring instead of at least being bad in an interesting way.