Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Tease Possible 'Breaking Bad' Reunion, See The Photo

During their time working on AMC's drug drama Breaking Bad, it was clear that stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had plenty of fun together when the cameras weren't rolling. Now they seem to be having fun once again, messing with fans by sharing the same mysterious photo online. Are they teasing the Breaking Bad movie, or is there something else going on here?

Are We About to See a Breaking Bad Reunion?

Here's Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould's reaction (he also served as a writer/producer on Breaking Bad):

Is this a hint about drug mules in a new story? Or just a couple of asses hanging out in the desert? The new season of Better Call Saul is filming now; is this teasing a reunion between these two characters on that show, or something else entirely? The mysteries abound.

Even though Cranston's Walter White died in the final episode of Breaking Bad, I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see him appear in the upcoming movie, which is said to continue Jesse Pinkman's story after he escapes from the Nazi camp. Walt could appear in flashbacks or haunt his former protege and business partner in visions – the guy clearly did a number on Jesse when he was alive, and exploring that trauma could be an interesting way in to picking up Jesse's story. Last we heard, Cranston wasn't officially attached to the film yet because he hadn't read the script.

We'll keep an ear out for more details, and be sure to let you know as soon as we learn more.