Bottleneck Gallery's 'The Dark Knight' Poster By Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos Is The Hero Gotham Needs

This year doesn't mark a special anniversary for Christopher Nolan's acclaimed Batman sequel The Dark Knight, but that's not stopping Bottleneck Gallery and artist Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos from honoring the comic book movie with a print that brings all of the key characters together in one image. And you can pick one up today.

The Dark Knight Poster by Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos

Bottleneck Gallery is proud to present this "chaotic collage of characters, moments, and Gotham," which has the composition of a Drew Struzan poster, but with an entirely different illustration style. It's a little bit busy, but that's kind of the idea. At the very least, that illustration of Christian Bale as Batman at the very top looks incredible on its own.

The regular version of The Dark Knight poster is a giclee print measuring 24 x 36 inches with an edition of 200, and it'll cost you $50. Meanwhile, the variant (right) is also a 24 x 36 inch giclee print, but it has an edition of 100, and it will cost you $60.

Both editions of the Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos' The Dark Knight poster goes on sale today at 12:00 P.M. ET. So make sure you head over to there to pick one up while supplies last. Like any print for The Dark Knight that goes on sale in the collectible art world, it's bound to sell out pretty quickly, so hopefully you can pick one up immediately instead of being forced to pay an steep upcharge in the secondhand market.