Cool Stuff: 'Power Rangers' Lightning Collection Figure Pack Takes Red Ranger And Gold Ranger To SDCC

If Jason was your favorite member of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers back in the mid-1990s and you're heading to San Diego Comic-Con next month, then we have great news.

Hasbro is bringing an exclusive Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figure two-pack of the Red Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Gold Ranger from the 1996 revamp Power Rangers Zeo. Each comes with a different likeness of actor Austin St. John as Angel Grove martial arts teacher Jason Scott Lee. Check out the Power Rangers Comic-Con exclusive action figures below.

Power Rangers Comic-Con exclusive action figuresPower Rangers Comic-Con exclusive action figures

This is an awesome Power Rangers action figure pack. Not only does the Red Ranger come with the golden shield that was originally part of the Green Ranger's costume in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, as well as the Dragonzord dagger, but he also comes with the entire array of weapons from the team. That includes the Power Axe, Power Bow, Power Blades, Power Lance and Power Sword. But even more cool is that they can all be combined to form the Power Blaster, just like in the original series.

Meanwhile, for those who maybe didn't stick with Power Rangers after the original Mighty Morphin' run, Jason ended up becoming the second person to don the Gold Ranger suit in Power Rangers Zeo. He comes equipped with less accessories, but the two different versions of the Golden Power Staff are still pretty cool.

The Power Rangers two-pack is part of Hasbro's new Lightning Collection, which is similar to the Star Wars Black Series figures that feature much more detailed and poseable characters, as well as photorealistic head sculpts. You'll only be able to get them at San Diego Comic-Con in July, though there will be some quantities available on the Hasbro Pulse website sometime after the convention is over. The Power Rangers Comic-Con exclusive action figures will cost $50, so save a little extra cash so you can pick them up.

If you're interested in the Power Rangers Lightning Collection in general, the new figure series has already kicked off with the likes of the original White Ranger, Lord Zedd, the Power Rangers S.P.D. Shadow Ranger and the Dino Charge Red Ranger, all available now at Hasbro Pulse.

Fun Fact: The packaging artwork for the Lightning Collection is done by pop culture artist favorite Tom Whalen.