Daily Podcast: Movies That Grew On Us, Apple, Toy Story 4, A Quiet Place 2, Hunger Games & Crazy Eddie

On the June 17, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and tv news, including Apple, Toy Story 4, A Quiet Place 2, Hunger Games and Crazy Eddie. And in the Mail Bag we'll discuss movies that took some time to grow on us.

Opening Banter: Why has news been so slow recently? In the News:

  • Chris: Apple Plans on Releasing Six Movies a Year For Oscar Consideration
  • HT:  'Toy Story 4' Will Be the First Pixar Movie in Decades to Not Feature an Animated Short
  • Chris: 'A Quiet Place 2' Will Explain How That Whole Monster Situation Happened
  • HT (og Ben): 'Hunger Games' Prequel Movie Officially in the Works at Lionsgate, Based on Upcoming Book
  • Peter asks "has there ever been a great prequel?"
  • Chris: Jon Turteltaub Will Direct a 'Crazy Eddie' Movie, Instead of Giving Us the Third 'National Treasure' Movie We All Crave
  • In The Mailbag: Troy H writes in:

    "Hey Peter,  Just want to say I am loving the videos on your YouTube channel, and still loving the podcast and listen to every episode without fail. The content about theme parks is valuable as my wife and I are travelling from Australia to visit Orlando and Anaheim in August to visit all the parks so all the insights and tips are gonna help immensely.  I have resigned to the fact that I will be spending an insane amount of money in Batuu doing all the stuff in your videos. I have added to my watch lists and watched so many movies and TV shows based on recommendations from your team and value their diverse opinions on all genres. You are absolutely right about Cobra Kai, that show is amazing! Can't wait for season 3.  Some questions for the mailbag: Have you ever watched a movie which on first viewing was terrible, but subsequent viewings showed it to be much better? For me it was Clear and Present Danger, it was a yawnfest in the cinema but loved it when I watched it years later on DVD.  Is there a movie that everyone raves about, is critically acclaimed but you personally found it to be boring/average?  For me it was Usual Suspects. It was "okay" but not a masterpiece in my opinion. Keep up the great work."
  • Peter: The Lord of the Rings films, Deathproof, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Fargo
  • HT: Good Time, Blade Runner
  • Chris: Eyes Wide Shut
  • All the other stuff you need to know:

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