'The Tick' Won't Be Picked Up Anywhere Else After Amazon's Cancellation Last Month

Sorry, The Tick fans, but it seems the superhero's big blue destiny is officially cancellation.

Last month, Amazon canceled The Tick after two seasons, and fans were rightfully disappointed. But at the time, series creator Ben Edlund offered a spark of hope that the series might be picked up somewhere else. However, that spark was officially washed out with news that the series could not find a new home. So news of The Tick canceled is final.

Here's what Ben Edlund posted to Twitter on Friday:

This was the second time The Tick was turned into a live-action series, but the first time it was attempted by a streaming service instead of a network. FOX was the first to try with Patrick Warburton in the lead, but the show only last a single season with nine episodes in total.

This new version of The Tick was able to get 22 episodes out there before getting axed, and it's a shame to see it go, because Peter Serafinowicz appeared to be having a blast as The Tick, and Griffin Newman was fantastic as his sidekick Arthur Everest. Plus, how can you go wrong with Jackie Earle Haley as the villain known as The Terror? We'll chalk this up to peak TV giving us far too much to watch with such little time. Otherwise, this might have been a huge hit.

However, there is still a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Ben Edlund also tweeted this out on Friday:

"We will look for other opportunities to continue this story with this cast, but the current series must I'm afraid come to its end.

Please continue to choose love and hope for good things. And I think we might as well accept it as a law of the universe: when the time is right #TheTick always comes back..."

That first part is where fans might still have hope of seeing the series continue, albeit not as a live-action streaming show. Instead, there's a chance The Tick could return to its roots and become a comic series that picks up where the show left off. The likenesses of the actors could still be used in the artwork, and that would be a pretty sweet consolation prize. Or maybe the cast can be utilized in a different way and the series could become animated. Even something like a podcast is possible nowadays.

For now, The Tick fans will just have to wait and see what happens next.