Cool Stuff: 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping' Vinyl Soundtrack Is Finally Available Now

Because the world is cruel, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping bombed at the box office. But it seems Popstar has found a cult following since its disastrous theatrical release, because Mondo is releasing the film's original soundtrack by The Lonely Island on vinyl. And there are five different album covers that you can choose from too. Check out the Popstar vinyl soundtrack below.

Popstar Vinyl Soundtrack

Popstar Vinyl Soundtrack

Mondo is releasing the Popstar vinyl soundtrack with five different covers based on the albums featured in the movie. There's the Style Boyz self-titled debut album, as well as the Beastie Boys inspired Standing in Front of Buildings, and of course, the famous Donkey Roll. But honestly, I like the album covers recreating the Thriller, Also and Connquest albums from Conner4Real.

Mondo appropriately sings the praises of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping thanks to music label manager Mo Shafeek:

"The Lonely Island's Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is one of the funniest films of the last decade with a brilliantly executed soundtrack. It's absolutely one of the best pop albums of the last five years... it just happens to also be one of the funniest comedy albums of the last five years as well. What Akiva, Andy and Jorma have achieved with this soundtrack is a thing of legends, and we are honored to be celebrating it."

All of those things are true. And if you haven't seen the majesty that is Popstar, just watch this clip:

The Popstar vinyl soundtrack is available to buy right now at, as well as the official Lonely Island website (though the Connquest variant won't be available until sometime later). If you happen to be seeing The Lonely Island on your this summer, you'll be able to buy the vinyl at the concerts too. Here are all the tracks from the soundtrack, including tracks not heard in the movie and lines of dialogue in between some songs.

Disc One

Side A

1. I'm So Humble – Featuring Adam Levine (2:33)

2. "Hot New Single" (Dialogue) (0:12)

3. Equal Rights – Featuring P!NK (2:25)

4. Turn Up The Beef – Featuring Emma Stone (2:03)

5. Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song) (2:31)

6. Mona Lisa (2:38)

Side B

1. "Are Or Aren't?" (Dialogue) (0:13)

2. Hunter The Hungry Is Gon Eat (2:03)

3. Should I Move? (BONUS TRACK) – Featuring Akon (2:20)

4. 2 Banditos (1:56)

5. Things In My Jeep (2:06) – Featuring Linkin Park

6. "Kill This Music" (Dialogue) (0:06)

7. Ashley Wednesday – Featuring Seal (2:30)

8. F**k Off (BONUS TRACK) (2:25)

9. Donkey Roll (1:23)

Disc Two

Side C

1. "Trip To Spain" (Dialogue) (0:21)

2. Ibitha (1:40)

3. Owen's Song (1:38)

4. "What Was That Beat?" (0:16)

5. Sick Glena (1:00)

6. Incredible Thoughts – Featuring Michael Bolton (2:56)

7. Me Likely Dat (1:06)

8. Legalize It (2:52)

Side D

1. Im A Weirdo (1:51)

2. Karate Guy (2:17)

3. Rock Roll Skate (1:56)

4. Hey Ya Ho (1:25)

5. Maximus (BONUS TRACK) (2:22)