Listen To The 'Child's Play' Remake Theme Music, Featuring Creepy Singing From Mark Hamill

You'll have to wait another week before you can see the Child's Play remake. But you can listen to Bear McCreary's eerie Child's Play theme right now! In fact, you can listen to the entire score, as it's now streaming in full. McCreary performed the main theme using toy instruments, lending an extra amount of flair to the proceedings. On top of all that, the theme closes with Mark Hamill, voice of the new Chucky, singing a really creepy little lullaby. Hear the Child's Play remake theme music, and stream the soundtrack in full, below...if you dare.

Child's Play Remake Theme

I have no idea if the Child's Play remake is going to be good at this point, but I do know that the soundtrack will be memorable. Why? Because it was composed by Bear McCreary, and he always delivers something memorable. The new theme is appropriately spooky, composed on toy instruments.

"My idea from the beginning was not to score this film using a traditional orchestra, but in fact to score it with a toy orchestra," McCreary said. "This ultimately involved stealing toys from my daughter's play room and adding bizarre, handheld instruments such as toy pianos, hurdy gurdies, accordions, action figures, Slinkies, slide whistles, Otamatones, melodicas, harmonicas, kazoos, to create an orchestra of sounds.... I added a string quintet, one ukulele performer, and a session with a choir in Prague, but all the rest I performed myself."

"I sometimes come up with my best ideas when I set myself unusual limitations, and here, completely removing the ability to use an orchestra, or use orchestral techniques, I had to get inventive," McCreary added to EW. "I really had the time of my life."

This theme also features Mark Hamill doing an unsettling redention of "The Buddi Song" – the theme song for the doll in the new movie. There are actually two versions of the song: the creepy version you hear in this video, and a more upbeat one that also appears in the film – both sung by Hamill. " Mark is very dynamic, and was able to do both a pleasant version and an evil version of the song," McCreary said. "These two vocal performances signify Chucky's arc within the film, and you hear within Mark's performance that range of character."

In addition to the video above, there's also this fun video that shows McCreary performing the theme.

Theme From Child's Play

On top of all this, the entire score is available to stream in full. Check it out below. Child's Play opens June 21.