'GLOW' Season 3 Cast Adds Geena Davis, Much To Everyone's Delight

The GLOW season 3 cast just got a very welcome addition. Geena Davis will guest star in the upcoming third season of the Netflix series, and I challenge you to find a single person who isn't happy about this news. GLOW rules. Geena Davis rules. This is a win-win scenario, people. Finally, we have something to be excited about.

I'm cynical – I'll admit it. But every once in a while, good news arrives and lifts my spirits. Like this news about Geena Davis joining the cast of GLOWGLOW is easily in the top five best original Netflix shows, and the world could definitely use more Geena Davis appearing in things. Davis will play Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, a "former showgirl turned entertainment director of the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino."

GLOW is set in the world of female wrestling in the 1980s. Alison Brie stars as Ruth, a struggling actress who seems to have find her calling as a member of the  Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The cast also features Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron, Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Kate Nash and more.

Season 3 "follows the ladies of GLOW as they take the Vegas strip by storm. Now headliners at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino, the women quickly realize Sin City is much more grind than glitter. Ever the team cheerleader, Ruth's passion for the show begins to take a backseat to her growingly complicated personal life. Debbie is making headway as a producer, but continues to be consumed with guilt over the distance between her and her son. As their residency wears on, the lines blur between performance and reality, and the cast find themselves struggling with their own identities both in and outside of the ring." Davis is set to appear in five of the season's 10 episodes.

The first season of GLOW was quite good, but season 2 was even better, and I was already stoked for season 3 before this news. Now I'm even more eager for the premiere.

GLOW season 3 premieres on Netflix August 9, 2019.