'Back To The Future: The Musical' Released Its First Song, And You Can Listen To It Right Now

Every single movie you loved as a kid or teen must now become a stage musical – it's the law. Back to the Future is the latest title to get the musical treatment, headed to London in 2020. While you might have to wait a full year to see the musical, you won't need a time machine to hear the music. "Put Your Mind to It", the first of the officially released Back to the Future musical songs, can be heard below.

Back to The Future the Musical 

Yep! That's definitely a song! And it sounds...fine, I guess? There's nothing show-stopping here, just a playful little number that hurries the plot along. I'm sure Back to the Future musical is saving some of its bigger tunes for the show itself. I just remain a little skeptical about this whole endeavor, mostly because I'm just burned-out on this "let's turn a pop culture hit into a musical!" trend.

On the plus side, Back to the Future: The Musical boasts the involvement of the franchise's creators, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis. "Bob Zemeckis and I have been trying to get this project off the ground for years, but good things take time and finally, the time is right," Gale said previously. "Our cast is outstanding, the songs are fantastic, and director John Rando is doing an amazing job ensuring the show truly captures the magic of the movie. We're thrilled that we can retell our story on stage in a brand-new way, and we're certain that Back to the Future fans all over the world will share our enthusiasm. In the words of Marty McFly, 'your kids are gonna love it'—and so will you and your parents."

"Put Your Mind To It" is the first released of several new songs that will be heard in the musical. The production will also include tunes from the original movie, including "The Power of Love", "Johnny B Goode", "Earth Angel" and "Back in Time". Tony winner John Rando is directing the musical, which features a score by Glen Ballard (Jagged Little Pill) and original Back to the Future composer Alan Silvestri. The show will also feature illusions by Paul Kieve (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Back to the Future: The Musical will play at the Manchester Opera House for 12 weeks only, starting February 20, 2020. You can book your tickets here.