POTD: 'The Simpsons', 'Stranger Things', And 'Friends' Living Rooms Recreated With IKEA Furniture

IKEA is famous for providing furniture that can take forever to build and breaking up what seem like solid relationships in record time. But every now and then, they do something cool with pop culture that's worth pointing out. This time, the Swedish furniture company has recreated the living rooms from The Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends using their own furniture and some creativity. It's actually kind of impressive how they pulled this off.

The Simpsons IKEA Living Room

While you're probably not going to paint your walls pink anytime soon, it's good to know you can replicate most of The Simpsons family living room with simple furniture from IKEA. Of course, the company does note, "Some products in the picture may have been personalized or painted." So you're not going to find that end table in purple at IKEA, but that's not stopping you from painting it.

Friends IKEA Living Room

Meanwhile, if you're making enough money to live in a New York apartment like the one in Friends, then you're probably not going to buy IKEA furniture. Then again, all of your money is probably going to rent, so you can probably only afford IKEA furniture. This recreated living has the most items out of any of the three shows given the spotlight, and it doesn't require nearly as much customization. But sorry, the tube TV will have to be found in a dumpster somewhere.

Stranger Things IKEA Living Room

Finally, the 1980s come to life in this Stranger Things living room recreation, complete with string lights in place of the Christmas lights. It just goes to show you that much of IKEA's furniture is timeless and can easily blend in with the dated style of the 1980s. Of course, you're probably not gonna want to paint letters on the wallpaper, because that's gonna be a beast to clean.


If you're interesting in seeing the roster of furniture used in each of these pop culture living room recreations from IKEA, you can head over to their website for more details on the specific pieces used to build them, right down to some paint you can use to customize some of them. This is just another way to drive more traffic to their site, but it's much better than them trying to make their own televisions again.