'Wonder Woman 1984' Redefines The Notion Of A Hero's Journey, Chris Pine Talks About The Return Of Steve Trevor

Earlier this week, director Patty Jenkins debuted a jaw-dropping poster for Wonder Woman 1984 on her Twitter feed, but the only footage that's been shown so far was what played at Comic-Con last year and the additional brief look we saw at CinemaCon this April.

One aspect of the sequel we've been super curious about is the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who seemingly met his end in the climactic moments of the 2017 original. In a new interview, Pine was asked about the differences between working on this sequel and working on the first film, and while he didn't specifically answer how it's possible that his character comes back, he did talk about how this film operates and how Steve Trevor operates within it. Check out his quotes below.

Pine spoke with Wonder Woman co-star Robin Wright as part of Variety's Actors on Actors video series, and Wright asked him if he wanted to talk about the difference between Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. After some careful thought, here's how he responded:

What I think defines this series and perhaps the character, and certainly Patty's interest, is redefining the notion of a hero's journey as we know it. This is a woman, a superhero, defined by her capacity to love. I'll say no more, but I hope audiences are moved in unexpected ways because they're expecting something...[he trails off]...I'll probably get a phone call from Warner Bros. for even saying this...What I've found this time [in Wonder Woman 1984], the tables had turned on me as a man in terms of how I interacted and played on screen. I loved my lady. I loved, as the character, my woman. My partner. So that came to define this man. What a wonderful thing as a character to be in love, as a man on screen in a big film.

We still aren't sure if Steve Trevor really somehow survived that plane explosion, is just a memory or Force ghost for Diana (Gal Gadot), or even if there's sort of time travel trickery going on here, but Pine's comments make one thing crystal clear: Steve loves Diana so much, it defines his entire character this time out. (Hey, can you blame him? Diana rules!)

Amusingly, Pine also reminisced about his time on the set and how he was shut down whenever he wanted to be involved in action scenes.

It was interesting. My ego comes out, and I told Patty all the time, 'I want the big f*cking fight. Let me climb something! I want to destroy!' And she's like, 'No. Not about you.' And I'm like, 'God damn it.' She said, 'Not about you' more times making this film. (laughs)

If you watch the actual clip, it seems like there's a hint of truth in what he was saying, but it largely seems like he was exaggerating to make Wright laugh. Either way, we'll see Wonder Woman 1984 – which may not be primarily about Steve, but is definitely all about Diana – when it arrives in theaters on June 5, 2020.