'Always Be My Maybe' Clip: Watch The Perfect Keanu Reeves Cameo Everyone Is Talking About

At this point, it's unlikely that you're not a Netflix subscriber. So why are we showing you a clip from the romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe that is currently available to watch in its entirety on Netflix? Well, you might need some convincing to watch the movie starring Randall Park and Ali Wong, and this clip showing part of the raucously hilarious cameo by Speed, The Matrix and John Wick star Keanu Reeves is absolutely exquisite in its execution. It's easily one of the best cameos of all time. Watch the Always Be My Maybe Keanu Reeves cameo below, and thank us later.

Always Be My Maybe Keanu Reeves Cameo

If you saw the trailer for Always Be My Maybe, then you've already seen part of this clip. Keanu Reeves, playing a version of himself, shows up for dinner as Ali Wong's date. She's a celebrity chef in the movie, and Reeves just happens to admire the work she's done recently. And the two have struck up quite the erotic and intimate relationship with each other.

When I saw this cameo in the trailer, I assumed that Keanu Reeves was just playing a random douchebag who had caught the eye of Ali Wong's character somehow. But when you see that Keanu is playing himself in this movie, the cameo is even better. This is only a part of the entire dinner scene with Keanu, and the rest of it is even more hilarious. Not only does Reeves ask for meals that play with the concept of time, but he references several of his own movies, and even gets a little tearful during his dining experience.

Guess what? This cameo goes even further beyond this upscale dinner. These two couples go back to Keanu's place and play a game, which gets a little out of hand. We'll just leave it at that, because you should go watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix as soon as you can, if only for this outstanding, impeccable cameo by Keanu Reeves and his perfect eyes. Here's hoping we get to see even more of Reeves having a blast when Bill and Ted Face the Music hits theaters in the near future.

Here is the synopsis forĀ Always Be My Maybe:

Everyone assumed Sasha and Marcus would wind up together except for Sasha and Marcus. Reconnecting after 15 years, the two start to wonder... maybe?

Always Be My Maybe is available to watch on Netflix right now.