Apple TV Updates Include Multiple User Profiles, PS4 And Xbox One Controller Compatibility & More

Yesterday, Apple announced a few new updates for the AppleTV 4K device that lets users enjoy TV shows, movies, music, photos, games and apps on their home television. With the tvOS 13 update coming this fall, the Apple TV will have a new home screen, multiple user profiles with personalized recommendations, and compatibility for other controllers. Get the rundown of Apple TV updates below.

New Home Screen

If you look at the image above, you'll see the new home screen for Apple TV 4K, which has been revamped to allow for easier navigation to new TV shows, movies, music and games. Users can now see a full-screen preview on the home screen for whatever app they're in. If you look at the screenshot above, you'll see that you can swipe up on the Apple TV control to check out the preview, so it appears this won't be as invasive as the autoplay previews that happen in some iterations of the Netflix app.

Multi-User Support

When the tvOS 13 update arrives in the fall, it will introduce the Apple TV Control Center, similar to the iPhone Control Center that is accessible by swiping up on the screen. A similar activation will be used for the Apple TV Control Center, and as you can see in an image of the feature above, the update also brings multiple user profiles to Apple TV.

This feature has been available on video game consoles, streaming services and other devices for awhile, and now Apple TV is finally getting on that boat so family members can get their own TV and movie recommendations based on personal tastes.

Xbox and PlayStation Controller Compatibility

Finally, for Apple TV users who are looking for a better way to play games on their device, this fall's update will allow for game controllers from the Xbox One S and PlayStation DualShock 4 to be used on the Apple TV. It's not clear if the controllers can be used in place of the traditional remote outside of playing games, but this kind of update will be a big appeal for gamers, especially when Apple Arcade launches this year


You can find out even more about the forthcoming updates to the Apple TV 4K in the full press release from Apple. There's no better time to get the streaming device, which easily allows access to all your favorite streaming subscriptions, mobile games, and much more. You'll especially want the device this fall when Apple TV+ launches this fall.