'Tammy And The T-Rex' Trailer Reveals The Never-Before-Seen "Gore Cut" Of This Insane 90s Movie

After Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993, the dinosaur craze began. Hollywood responded with the likes of Prehysteria, Super Mario Bros., We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story, and Theodore Rex. But one dinosaur movie tops them all.

Tammy and the T-Rex is a cult classic released in 1994 about a high school girl named Tammy and her boyfriend Michael. Thanks to a mad scientist, Michael has his brain transplanted into the body of a life-size, robotic tyrannosaurus rex. After escaping the scientist's lab, Michael heads off to bring dinosaur pain to those who bully him in school and reunite with his girlfriend. Yes, this is a real movie, and there's also an R-rated, gore-filled cut of the movie that will have its world premiere at the Cinepocalypse film festival very soon. You can watch the Tammy and the T-Rex uncut trailer below to see some of the insanity.

Tammy and the T-Rex Uncut Trailer

Yes, that's a young Denise Richards as Tammy, a few years before she would achieve fame with the steamy, trashy thriller Wild Things in 1998. And that's also a young Paul Walker getting his junk grabbed by some high school jerk while what seems to be a terrible combination of the token black guy and a gay stereotype cheekily grins and remarks. It's no wonder he becomes so angry when his brain gets transplanted into a robot dinosaur.

This movie looks like the epitome of "what the fuck" mixed with the now-nostalgic and goofy sensibilities of the 90s. We can't wait to see how the romance between Tammy and this robotic t-rex unfolds in between the head-smashing and body chomping deaths by a very poorly conceived practical dinosaur.

Audiences have never seen Tammy and the T-Rex uncut before. But the trailer above touts a 35mm print of the gory, R-rated version of the movie that will be screening at Cineapocalypse on June 17 at the outstanding Music Box Theatre in Chicago (buy tickets here). As if the movie wasn't already bonkers enough with the original cut of the movie that has been released to the general public, the addition of gruesome death scenes from this robotic tyrannosaurus rex make it a must-see.

Don't worry if you can't make it to Chicago for Cinepocalypse, because Tammy and the T-Rex uncut will have a 4K restoration that will be released in theaters later this year, as well as a special release on Blu-ray at some point.