Zack Snyder's 'Army Of The Dead' Cast Adds Ella Purnell As Dave Bautista's Daughter

Zack Snyder's first post-DCEU film is Army of the Dead, an action movie about mercenaries trying to pull off a heist during a zombie outbreak. Dave Bautista was previously announced as the star of the film, and now more Army of the Dead cast members have joined the team. Most notable among the bunch is Ella Purnell, who will play Bautista's daughter. More on the Army of the Dead cast below.The Wrap is reporting Ella Purnell, who appeared in Kick-Ass 2 and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, has joined the cast of Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead. Purnell is listed as playing daughter to Dave Bautista's character. Per a character breakdown that we previously reported on, Purnell's character is "Kate: Taciturn, hard-working, driven. She is Scott's daughter, but estranged from her father. She is a volunteer with the World Health Organization." Bautista's part is "Scott: Dry witted, thoughtful. Estranged from his family."

Other new cast members include Ana De La Reguera (Goliath), Theo Rossi (Luke Cage) and Huma Qureshi (Viceroy's House). No word on who these actors are playing, but here's the rest of the characters that appear in Snyder's new film:

Vanderohe (30s-40s): Strong as a beast, with muscles bulging out of his tight T-shirt, this guy is a "badass," but also good-humored. Known for his expertise when it comes to killing zombies. He has a philosophical approach to life to counteract his emotional scars from what he witnessed in the war. (Lead).Frank Peters (50s-60s): He is a "cool-as-hell older dude with slicked-back gray hair and aviators." A chopper pilot, brought on board to transport the team into the zombie-held territory. (Lead).Lilly (Late 20s-30s): Restless, a tough cookie, also known as the Coyote, helping those, who, for whatever reason, need to get back inside the zombie stronghold. She's canny and crafty, with all the skills to survive in the most hostile of environments. (Lead).Cruz (Female, late 30s-40s): Latina, a mechanic, owner of a body shop. Hard-drinking and tough-talking, she's more than happy to join the mission into the zombie stronghold, but it's not for the money. (Lead).Ludwig Dieter (Male, 20s): A scrawny Swiss-German kid and master safe-cracker. He has broken into more high security vaults than anybody else in the world. Dieter is the only one who is vocally excited about the mission and considers the upcoming adventure real "fun." (Lead).Reggie (20s): "Tough as can be—jacked, stacked and cool." He, too, is a member of the team whose primary role is straight-up zombie killer. (Supporting).Adeline (30s): Disenfranchised immigrant, a refugee, she's a single mom with two young children, willing to do anything to keep her kids safe. (Lead).Burt Cummings (30s): Thin, with a "porny mustache," greasy-haired, this guy is a tobacco-chewing, self-important jerk, cocky and alienating, who is taking advantage of the power he has obtained over the refugees. (Lead).Mikey Guzman (30s): Fearless, highly capable, he is a sharp-shooter, able to kill multiple zombies with a single shot. He is looking for the one big score that will change his life. (Supporting).Martin (30s): A Ray-Ban wearing fellow in a suit, he is right-hand-man to billionaire Hunter Bly. Former head of security at Blye's Las Vegas casino. No one is quite sure of his motivations. (Lead).Army of the Dead focuses on a "zombie outbreak in Las Vegas and a man assembling a group of mercenaries to pull off the greatest heist." I have no love for Snyder's superhero flicks, but I am a fan of his Dawn of the Dead remake, so the prospect of the filmmaker returning to the zombie genre piques my interest. I've also grown quite fond of Dave Bautista as a character actor. All told, this might turn out to be a must-see. There's no release date locked down for Army of the Dead yet, but production is slated to begin this July.