'Toy Story 4': You've Got A Friend In Poster Posse's Tribute Art

After the heartwarming ending of Toy Story 3, we thought we'd closed the book on the beloved Pixar franchise forever. But nine years later, that book is being opened again for Toy Story 4.

To celebrate the sequel's impending release, the team over at Poster Posse has created five new Toy Story 4 posters inspired by the movie which depict some fan-favorite characters and even a new friend or two. Check them out below.

Toy Story 4 Poster Posse Posters

As usual, Poster Posse delivers the goods. We get a wide variety of styles from artists like Marko Manev, Vincent Aseo, Tracie Ching, Adam Stothard, and Eileen Steinbach (clockwise from top left), and most of these are tinged with the same sort of melancholic sense of farewell as the early official posters. Will this movie feature Woody literally walking off into the sunset, maybe with his new buddy Forky? Could Woody go off the grid and live the rest of his life with Bo Peep, who's carved out a whole new life for herself outside of Andy's room? How long do toys live, anyway? Are they immortal? Can one ever actually die? We demand answers, Pixar!

Toy Story 4 arrives in theaters on June 21, 2019, and tickets are on sale now.