'Dark Phoenix' Clips & Music Video Bring A Quicksilver Sequence, Helicopter Fight And New Mutant Debut

Hey, did you forget that there's still a new X-Men movie coming out this summer? You probably did since Dark Phoenix is on track to lose its opening weekend to The Secret Life of Pets 2. Well, what's left of 20th Century Fox is here to remind you that the movie is still coming, regardless of whatever those secretive critters are up to. That's why they've released two new Dark Phoenix clips, as well as a music video that has even more footage, including the debut of a mutant fans have wanted to see in movies for some time.

Dark Phoenix Clips - Quicksilver Astronaut Rescue

This first scene knocks out what has become one of the more anticipated scenes in the new X-Men movies. Evan Peters plays Quicksilver in the franchise, and his sequences of super speed result in some wholly entertaining slow-motion action sequences. Honestly, it makes us wonder why he doesn't just use this power all the time. Here, he uses his super speed to rescue astronauts aboard a space shuttle damaged by some kind of solar flare, and what's cool is that Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) starts teleporting before he even gets all of the astronauts near him, and you can see it all unfold in gorgeous slow-motion.

Dark Phoenix Clips - Chopper Fight

In this clip, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) appears to have already left the X-Men behind because her powers have started to overwhelm her. She takes solace in Magneto's (Michael Fassbender) new government sanctioned mutant refuge Genosha. But since Jean's power seem to have developed far past her ability to contain them, the government is looking for her. But she's not going without a fight...a helicopter fight!

Dark Phoenix Music Video Introduces Dazzler

Finally, standing out from the rest of the X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix will be the first to have an original song performed by a recording artist tied to the movie. Emeli Sandé sings the tune "Extraordinary Being," and the music video features plenty of footage from the forthcoming movie. In fact, it features some never-before-seen footage, including the debut of a mutant who fans have wanted to see in the X-Men movies for awhile.

Dazzler is a mutant who has the superpower to transduce sound into blinding light. She often uses her powers to feed into her career as a singer, which makes her reluctant to partake in any superhero activity. In the music video, the character is briefly seen manipulating clouds of sparkling light for some kind of bonfire with mutant teens, presumably on the grounds of Charles Xavier's school. The footage also includes a shot of Jean Grey having a bit of a freakout with her growing powers, which probably puts the kibosh on any fun Dazzler was having.

It's difficult to tell who is playing Dazzler, but we knew it wasn't Taylor Swift. However, if you go frame-by-frame starting around the 2:04 mark in the video, you'll eventually start to see Dazzler's face. She has the signature blue eye make-up on, and the actress appears to be Paper Towns co-star Halston Sage. And wouldn't you know it, that's exactly who was rumored to take the role a couple years ago. Will she have a bigger role or just a quick appearance? We'll find out when Dark Phoenix opens on June 7, 2019.