'Terminator: Dark Fate' Featurette: James Cameron Hypes The Sequel To 'Terminator 2'

This morning, the first teaser trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate arrived online. Since this Terminator sequel is actually bringing back Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aged T-800 cyborg again, producer James Cameron has some explaining to do as to what's going on with this sequel.

A Terminator: Dark Fate featurette has arrived, and for those who haven't been keeping up with the Terminator news beat, it explains how the movie fits into the timeline. Plus, for all those who were disappointed by the visual effects used to bring the new Terminators to life, this featurette also plays up the practical side of production to give it that gritty, realistic feel that made Terminator 2: Judgment Day such an action classic.

Terminator Dark Fate Featurette

Admittedly, the CGI effects used to turn Gabriel Luna into a new dark liquid-esque Terminator didn't do much to thrill me. But when you have a visual effects wizard like Tim Miller (Deadpool) directing, he's clearly going to use those tool to bring the movie to life. Much cooler were the effects used to reveal Mackenzie Davis as a new kind of Terminator who seems to think she's human somehow. But at the end of the day, we just have to hope these effects end up meshing as well as T-1000 did with all the practical effects and stunts in Terminator 2.

The good news is that it looks like production knew they had to do a lot of real stunt work to make up for the entirely computer generated Terminator. There are some great behind the scenes shots in this featurette of real explosions, practical car stunts, and much more. So at the very least, maybe we'll get a nice mix of modern technology and old school filmmaking techniques.

However, what really needs to shine here is the story. All the Terminator sequels following Terminator 2 have been total nonsense and have left a lot to be desired. This featurette doesn't tell us much about the story at the center of this sequel other than Sarah Connor has a predilection towards keeping a young girl played by Natalia Reyes alive because she reminds the mother-turned-badass of herself. Is she the new John Connor? Speaking of which, where is John Connor? We'll find out eventually.

Terminator: Dark Fate arrives in theaters this fall on November 1, 2019.