'Stranger Things 3' Clip: Hawkins Moms Lust After The Lifeguard

Did you watch the first two seasons of Stranger Things and think to yourself, "I wish this show had more moms who were horny for teenage boys in it?" Good news, weirdo: season 3 appears to be giving you exactly what you want. A new Stranger Things 3 clip shows last season's bully antagonist, Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), is now working as a lifeguard at the local pool, and a whole line of mothers are staring at his glistening bod like a pack of cartoon wolves. Check it out below, along with a whole new batch of character posters for the upcoming season.

Stranger Things 3 Clip

Quick: what's your favorite aspect of Stranger Things? Is it all of the government conspiracy stuff? Maybe the sci-fi angle? How about those adorable leads and their relationships with each other? No? Your favorite thing was that scene moment in "The Gate" (S2 E9) when Billy shows up to Nancy and Mike Wheeler's house to try to find his younger sister Max, and ends up flirting with Mrs. Wheeler in the process?

Oh. Well then. I guess this clip is right up your alley!

It's summertime at the Hawkins Community Pool, and who's to say suburban moms have to suppress the desires of their flesh? I guess I just didn't expect this to be the kind of clip that the show would push in the lead-up to the new season – although it does conveniently give Netflix the opportunity to release new Stranger Things content without giving away any major spoilers or giving sites like ours much to analyze. So...well played, Netflix!

When you're done watching and rewatching that clip above, you can check out a series of season 3 character posters that were released today, too:

Stranger Things 3 will feature episodes titled "Suzie, Do You Copy?", "The Mall Rats," "The Case of the Missing Lifeguard," "The Sauna Test," "The Source," "The Birthday," "The Bite," and "The Battle of Starcourt." For more about what each of those titles could mean, be sure to check this out. And when you're done with that, revisit the full trailer and seek out our breakdown for even more details.Stranger Things 3 arrives on Netflix on July 4, 2019.