Cool Stuff: Official 'John Wick' Bourbon Whiskey And Prop Replicas Are Quite Continental

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more high class collection of assassins than in the world of the John Wick franchise. They get the job done, follow all the rules, and they look damn good while doing it. Now you can bring some of the world of John Wick home in the form of a couple prop replicas inspired by the latest sequel, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, as well as a special brand of whiskey that will dull some of the pain from being marked excommunicado. Check out the John Wick prop replicas and bourbon whiskey below.

John Wick Bourbon Whiskey

Silver Screen Bottling Company has created a limited edition Continental Straight Bourbon Whiskey which comes with a couple glasses straight from the assassin safehouse. Here's how the official drink of John Wick is described on the official website:

Welcome to The Continental. While we get your room ready, might I suggest a drink? Bourbon, perhaps? We carry our own stock, of course, Continental Bourbon. And while you enjoy the smooth, mature taste of our aged bourbon, allow me to tell you about our amenities.

Our luxury hotel is perfectly suited for one such as yourself. The laundry service is thorough, should you find yourself needing a bit of stain removal. Our housekeeping is impeccable, should your room need cleaning after say, an unwanted guest? The Seamstress and The Tailor will ensure you are outfitted with the finest, and most protective, in today's fashion. And of course we have The Sommelier to provide only the best and most precise tools of your trade. And by your tastes in bourbon, I can tell you're someone who is looking for only the best.

You will find that you are most welcome here, as long as you follow the rules no conducting business on these premises lest incurring heavy penalties, such as having your membership revoked, death, and worse, no longer being able to enjoy the exquisite taste of Continental Bourbon. As you are a professional, you already know this, so have a drink, and relax. For now...

Each bottle costs $79.99 and will ship sometime this fall. You can order it at the official Continental Bourbon website.

John Wick Prop Replicas

But if you're not a drinker, there's still a way for you to commemorate John Wick in your household and maybe even get some favors done. Chronicle Collectibles is releasing prop replicas of both the Arabic Blood Oath Marker that John Wick uses to get assistance from fellow assassin turned hotel manager Sofia (Halle Berry) and also the Adjudicator's Medallion touted around by the High Table's messenger and law enforcer played by Asia Kate Dillon.

Recreated from the screen-used prop and crafted from a metal alloy, the Arabic Blood Oath Marker showcases the aesthetic variety that exists in artifacts from the various regions of the underworld that John Wick struggles to escape. It's also completely different from the previous Blood Oath Marker (which you can also get from Chronicle Colletibles) from John Wick: Chapter 2. It'll cost you $99.99 and is expected to ship sometime in the third quarter this year.

Meanwhile, the Adjudicator's Medallion is recreated from the screen-used prop and cast from the finest materials. The medallion's blackened surface features a golden Ouroboros surrounding the seal of the Department of Adjudicators, with the Latin precept, "Actiones secundum fidei" emblazoned above it. Try to flash it around New York City and see if it gets you anywhere. It'll cost you $39.99 and is expected to ship sometime in the third quarter this year.